Portfolio Service: Mobile app design

Power Up

An innovative game themed as ‘poker in the future’. Each selectable character has a back story and each player is given power cards that allow them to  shake up the game.

The Deal

UI and motion design for an in-app bonus game that can be played while a player is waiting for their opponent(s) to make their poker move.

Tags: Mobile, Tablet

Stars Rewards

Design for an industry leading loyalty program implemented across all platforms. The loyalty module was required to work across the complete PokerStars suite (including Casino and Betting) and required additional styleguide content for implementation.

Go Get Funding

Go Get Funding is a popular crowdfunding website with a global user base. The success of Go Get funding and increase in competition has inspired it’s CEO/Founder to create a better mobile experience for the website.

This project was re-structure the existing content and functionality of the Go Get Funding website and optimise it for use on mobile.

Tags: Mobile

Now TV

A multi-platform app that exists on mobile and TV. Now TV offers users the latest movies, tv shows and sports both live and on-demand. Being a fun, young and energetic brand, the redesign of the app needed to echo this. This along with determining how best to handle live and on-demand content were key challenges during the project.

As Now TV was ever evolving during the redesign, it meant that additional features were being added to the scope of the project; including Chromecast, Auto-play of the next episode, My TV. This also meant that the redesign would have to be adaptable to possible future evolutions.

the main focus was the redesign of the mobile and tablet apps for Android, iOS and Windows. As Now TV is available across a broad range of devices; it was key that all the apps looked visually consistent, while taking into account the standard behaviour’s of the different operating systems it is available on.

Tags: Mobile, Tablet, TV, Web

Orange Maps

Design and customisation of the Orange Maps application across 6 different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM, Java touch & Java Non-touch).

Development of the existing Orange Maps application to improve it’s overall usability. This involved a re-design of the application based around the user’s requirements.

Tags: Mobile